Saturday, July 21, 2007

A different sort of 12 miles

Yes Ellen, I know it's hard to believe, but we only hiked 12 miles today. Actually, 4.5 was on sidewalks and 7.5 was on the trail. Much different than our 12 miles last week.

We started this morning again at 6:00am. We walked up to the Shanahan Ridge trail head, then headed up Shadow Canyon.

Here's Ellen pointed her thumb like devils thumb in the right corner.

And we thought this was an outhouse, but it was not. We don't know what it was, but it looked picture worthy.

Finally, the Summit of South Boulder Mountain at 10:30. The view behind me in north-west towards the Indian Peaks.

And behind Ellen is the South, with Golden way out there.

Then we hiked the short ridge over to Bear Peak.

And somewhere around that star is my house, where we started today.

And somewhere around that star is Ellen's house. We did not start there.

Such vandalism! The register from South Boulder was completely missing, and the one from Bear Peak was smashed and chipmonks ate the register. So un-Boulder like.

Ellen was feeling a bit nauseous and dizzy on Bear Peak.

Here I am, looking proud and strong.

A nice man gave us water on Bear Peak, we were way to low. The way down was hard too. We went down Fern Canyon, which is very steep at the top.

We finally made it to the bagel store at 2:00 and could only stomach 1/2 an Eggel each. We were out for 8 hours today. It was hard enough that Ellen won't commit to another hike next week. We'll see ;)

Mileage: 292 miles, 137 to go
Pledges: $560

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